shell Module

This file is part of the web2py Web Framework
Developed by Massimo Di Pierro <>,
limodou <> and srackham <>.

Web2py environment in the shell[source], env)[source], import_models=False, c=None, f=None, dir='', extra_request={})[source]

Returns web2py execution environment for application (a), controller (c), function (f). If import_models is True the exec all application models into the environment.

extra_request allows you to pass along any extra variables to the request object before your models get executed. This was mainly done to support web2py_utils.test_runner, however you can use it with any wrapper scripts that need access to the web2py environment.'', request=None, response=None, session=None)[source]

Environment builder and module loader.

Builds a web2py environment and optionally executes a Python file into the environment.

A Storage dictionary containing the resulting environment is returned. The working directory must be web2py root – this is the web2py default.[source][source][source], av=False)[source]

Parses path info formatted like a/c/f where c and f are optional and a leading / is accepted. Return tuple (a, c, f). If invalid path_info a is set to None. If c or f are omitted they are set to None. If av=True, parse args and vars, plain=False, import_models=False, startfile=None, bpython=False, python_code=False, cronjob=False)[source]

Start interactive shell or run Python script (startfile) in web2py controller environment. appname is formatted like:

  • a : web2py application name
  • a/c : exec the controller c into the application environment, import_models=True, verbose=False)[source]

Run doctests in web2py environment. testpath is formatted like:

  • a: tests all controllers in application a
  • a/c: tests controller c in application a
  • a/c/f test function f in controller c, application a

Where a, c and f are application, controller and function names respectively. If the testpath is a file name the file is tested. If a controller is specified models are executed by default.